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HG Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam

Last week in Flushing I picked up a couple of MG Gundams with the kids. Both kids know I will build models for them so the boy picked the HG Justice Gundam and the girl picked the HG Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam. I built his model first last time, so this […]

MG Nemo and HG Insurgent Ginn

Here are the two Gunpla models I recently finished. The pictures are not that good; I’ll blame the camera instead of my shaky hands. The first one was a HG Ginn Type Insurgent from Stargazer. It’s my daughter’s model. I made a HG Saviour Gundam for my son, so I […]

$10 HG Gundam models

Last week we were in Flushing and found HG Saviour Gundam and HG Insurgent Ginn for $10 each. We ended up buying two of each. I assembled the first one and even put on the stickers for my son. Here is the picture of it put together. My son likes […]

Vacation is over

Today I went back to work after a week of vacation. It was a bit sureal; during my time off I was not tempted to check e-mail once. A whole week with the family, chasing the kids, assemblying models a…

That sound

So I am talking to my soon to be 5 year old son about my latest model. It’s the MG Aile Strike Gundam.
“Be very careful that you don’t press too hard or a piece will break.” I should know; right af…