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IOC finally orders an investigation

It’s about time.  If the rules say you have to be 16 years old the same year as the Olympics, then that’s it. Putting on a 14 year old is just very stupid 1950 style communist government.

And that make 8

The U.S. Swim team just got another gold. Michael Phelps has gotten 8 gold medals.

Phelps just got number 7

Phelps just won another gold, it was a 1/100 of a second win!

Is President Bush a shill for the next guy?

I know he’s a college frat boy first and President of the United States second but honestly, can we have a little common sense and dignity when he’s abroad?

American team wins the swimming relay

“The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for” -Alain Bernard I keep watching the DVR. On behalf of all the fans of the U.S. swimming team: Thank you for motivating our Olympic team.  That was… Continue Reading →

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