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May 2008

Myanmar government is a real class act

After the situation that the U.S. government created with the whole Katrina mess, it’s hard to come down on how other people handle a disaster. I mean, people are still recovering in Louisiana and Mississippi. The U.S. just does lip… Continue Reading →

Takes one to know one…

Hey, if there is one thing that Rudy knows, it’s what corruption looks like.

Finished Valve’s Portal and the Cake is a Lie

Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said ‘Goodbye’ and you were like ‘NO WAY!’ and then I was all ‘We pretended we were going to murder you’? That was great! I usually don’t play… Continue Reading →

Code Geass R2 Episode 5

When Code Geass first came out, I did not have the time to watch it. So I recently went back and saw the first season. Animation with giant robots, what’s not to like?

Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

My Ubuntu T40 laptop is “only MOSTLY dead”.  The built in LCD display is too dark to read and I replaced it with a HP laptop running Vista Home Premium. I feel slightly guilty about running Vista on it but… Continue Reading →

I hope Amazon wins this one

Amazon is suing New York state over the “Amazon Tax” law. I hope they win for a couple of reasons. This law is just aimed at fixing something the state does not like: people buy items from out of state… Continue Reading →

.htaccess fix for machine translation

The current version of ATPP is 5.1 and it works really well. But occasionally I get speed bumps from Babelfish and Google translation engines so I end up turning it off for a while. Without the plugin, when someone goes… Continue Reading →

Sheesh, Roger Clemens keeps getting hit

First there was the steroids, possibly lying to congress thing. Now Roger Clemens appears to have been also cheating on his wife? And more than once? He should have retired and gone with “No comment” months ago. Once he took… Continue Reading →

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