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Olympus Trip 35

New T-shirts arrived

You would need to know something about using the Olympus Trip 35 to get why I like this T-shirt. I ordered 2 from a seller in the UK via eBay. 😀

New skin for an old Olympus Trip 35

I wish I thought to take a “before” photo. Last year I purchased another Olympus Trip 35 for 2 reasons. The first reason was to replace the camera that had taken a hit and stopped working. The second reason is… Continue Reading →

Thrift shop find: Sunpak Auto 121C flash

I collect old parts for a junk pile cameras and today I found an old Sunpak Auto 121C flash at the thrift shop. When it comes to cameras, the local thrift shop isn’t often a good place to go picking…. Continue Reading →

An example of film vs digital

Last weekend my family was having dinner at my in-laws, looking at photos from their recent trip to China, and having a good time. Since I knew there would be a lot of us there I took my cameras. Here’s… Continue Reading →

Ilford XP2 Super 400

One of the appeals of shooting film is black and white photography. It’s the other side of the coin for color photos and somehow it tells a slightly different story. There are some really good fine grain films out there… Continue Reading →

Another Olympus Trip 35 for me

Back in March 2011 I started taking photos with my newly acquired Olympus Trip 35 cameras. Since then I’ve taken hundreds of photos with them and even went to China with them. In China I gave one of them to… Continue Reading →

Olympus Trip 35 manual on Scribd

While perusing blog posts about the camera, I came across a really good scan of the Olympus Trip 35 manual on Scribd. I got my manual from Trip Man for “why not?” but the online version is very handy. Click… Continue Reading →

More Film Photography

My playing with film cameras continues! But it’s not out of hand yet. I now have the following film camera equipment: Three Olympus Trip 35 (1 from TripMan) Olympus PS-200 flash Canon Canonet GIII QL17 coupled rangefinder Canon Canolite D… Continue Reading →

A short photo walk

I took my Olympus Trip 35 on a short stroll this morning and had the film developed near work. I like the results and shot another roll around lunch time. It’s an easy camera to have on you and fits… Continue Reading →

No Batteries Required

This started with my looking for a good compact digital camera with a viewfinder. As a result I bought a film compact camera that was manufactured in 1972. I prefer cameras with a viewfinder because I take better photos when… Continue Reading →

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