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It’s just a phone but the parodies are great

Parodies about Cupertino are fun, thanks to the Verge for posting this link.

No singing today? I can fix that

*Turns to Lily who’s reading the instructions to new her juicer* Me: See? Who needs Facebook? This is why there’s an Internet. Lily: That’s nice dear. Well I like the Beatles anyways.

That poor lobster

Her face at 1:09 says it all. No sympathy at all. By the way, being able to upload and host your own .MP4 videos in WordPress 3.6 is a way cool feature.

May I destroy you?

The robot security was a nice touch but if I were that kid I’d hire that robot as a body guard.


Here’s a great short by Disney Animation. I haven’t yet shown it to my little girl but I am sure she will love it. It’s something I picked up from my RSS feed via Fro Knows Photo. I follow Jared’s… Continue Reading →

10 days till Borderlands 2

Here’s the Wimoweh teaser video. I’ve already pre-ordered via Steam. The original Borderlands game is still very addictive and I’ve played each of the 4 character classes. I’ve been looking forward to this game for months.

“I was the voice of the Flash for 10 years”

Tim Daly’s always good, but add Nathan Fillion and it’s just plain GENIUS. The show is well produced and my favorite part is take 2 with Michael Rosenbaum.

I am SO taking the kids to see this movie

I have a little girl (and a boy) who will love the movie Brave. I’ll take them to see it almost as soon as it comes out. Thanks to The Mary Sue for sharing this. I’m one of 4 boys… Continue Reading →

With the lemons!

ThinkGeek has something really good coming in December. Seriously, I’m thinking of getting this for the holiday season!

And now for something light

That Virgin Atlantic Airways commercial made me think how much I like Nina Simone.

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