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The best way to engage me is to reply to one of my blog postings.

However, if that does not work, then you can try this form. Please keep in mind that I am generally anti-social and contacting me this way does not necessarily mean I will reply.

Note: If you are contacting me regarding WordPress support, the best way to get that support is to use the official forums. Due to my current work commitments, I am not available for paid consulting.

Honestly, please don’t use this page for WordPress support. Post to the forums instead.

Also be aware that if you bring a forum argument here or to any other moderator’s site then you risk getting your forum account blocked. 

The volunteer support forum remains the the best way to get free advice for solving your WordPress problems.

That said, sometimes there are matters from the WordPress support forum that you may not wish to post publicly. If you see something on the forum that you wish to discuss privately then please do use this form to contact me.

ALSO NOTE: If you do not provide a valid email address in this form then that contact submission will get treated as spam and ignored.